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 Code: 12388 

eXperiment! offers interactive resources for physics, biology and chemistry. Using video, photos and note taking, pupils are encouraged to interact with the experiment before, during and after. Simply plug in the sensor to the sensorlink and connect to the computer using the USB cable. Pupils can now use the interactive software to guide them through the series of experiments.


Details Price: S$279.50    Qty:
 CoCo 2 Simulation Pack 1
 Code: 12556 

7 new CoCo 2 simulations

Designed to provide students with familiar situations that they can control or provide program solutions.

Simulations include:
  • Lighthouse
  • Greenhouse
  • Safe
  • Automatic Door
  • Stage
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Buggy


Details Price: S$204.50    Qty:
 CoCo Flow
 Code: 12558 

Introducing CoCo Flow, the flowcharting system for CoCo 2

CoCo Flow allows pupils to create flowcharts and edit them directly. With CoCo 2 and CoCo Flow combined there is a seamless interchangeability between text-based and flowchart-based procedures. Commands can be added to either one.

Key Features:
  • CoCo Flow uses the standard Flowchart symbols
  • Students can create control programs using text or flowcharts or both
  • Trace through flowcharts, with a choice of trace marker styles
  • Zoom facility to view flowcharts at 4 different scales
  • "Commentary" feature gives an area for students to describe their flowchart procedures

Works in conjunction with main CoCo software, so all features of CoCo are available when using flowcharts:

  • all commands are available as flowchart icons
  • all simulations can be used with flowcharts
  • all interface boxes are compatible with flowcharts


Details Price: S$204.50    Qty:
 Robolab KS3 Interactive Scheme of Work
 Code: 12614 

Using LEGO Mindstorms to Teach Systems and Control

This CD provides a comprehensive introduction to the Inventor level of the ROBOLAB software. The CD has a variety of multimedia resources for pupils and teachers to develop their understanding of the LEGO hardware and software.

Features of the CD:
  • Introduction to robotics
  • How robots work
  • The LEGO hardware
  • The ROBOLAB software
  • Animated explanations of Inventor level
  • Explanations and programming of four tasks
  • Challenges


Details Price: S$84.50    Qty:
 Clock Designer Software Single User
 Code: 13020 

Now you can use your computer to design and make clocks! Choose from a wide range of backdrops, divisions and number styles - you can even add your own images and let the clock designer do the rest.

CD Features:
  • LATEST Clock Designer software
  • Live preview
  • Hundreds of premium clock elements
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Only works on Windows 2000 & XP
  • One click clock
  • Picture rail - image import
  • Full design controls
  • Manual
  • Web links
  • Clock Quiz
  • Worksheets
  • Millions of different combinations possible


Details Price: S$53.60    Qty:
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