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Science >> Accessories
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 Pulse Meter
 Code: 03015 

A new innovation in pulse measurement. Simply press your finger against the device and it senses the pulse and then displays the heart rate in a digital display window.


Details Price: S$36.50    Qty:
 Wrist Monitor
 Code: 03119 

Shows pulse rate and blood pressure whilst a person is carrying out exercise. The unique display shows diastolic and systolic blood pressure readings and heart rate all at the same time. To use, it is attached conveniently to the cuff, inflated and away you go. To activate there is just one button to press then:

  • Unit becomes active
  • It inflates the cuff to proper pressure
  • Checks and records pulse
  • Measures systolic/diastolic pressure
  • Enters the readings into its memory - takes 7 readings for comparison
  • Displays results
  • Automatically shuts off


Details Price: S$146.00    Qty:
 Peak Flow Meter & Mouthpieces
 Code: 03150 

With this instrument children will be able to measure the airflow from their lungs. Comes with instructions, a self-monitoring chart and storage container. A universal mouthpiece is also included.


Details Price: S$43.50    Qty:
 Disposable Mouthpieces
 Code: 03151 

These disposable mouthpieces will help teachers save time after use as sterilisation is not required.

Pack of 20 pieces.


Details Price: S$6.00    Qty:
 Plastic Mouthpieces
 Code: 03152 

These mouthpieces are slightly smaller than the standard one so will be useful for younger children. Must be sterilised after each use.

Pack of 15


Details Price: S$42.00    Qty:
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