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Technology >> Control
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 Traffic Lights Control Model
 Code: 12150 

  • A good model for programming a complex sequence that pupils will readily know
  • 5 Outputs, 1 Input
  • Red, Green & Amber lights
  • Wait crossing Light
  • Buzzer to signal crossing O.K.
  • Push switch for pedestrain crossing
  • Impressive 900mm square sectioned tower


Details Price: S$102.50    Qty:
 Clown Control Model
 Code: 12153 

  • 5 Outputs
  • 2 Bulbs for eyes
  • 1 Buzzer
  • 1 reversible spinning bow tie
  • Stands 450mm high


Details Price: S$82.00    Qty:
 House Control Model
 Code: 12156 

  • 6 Outputs, 3 Inputs
  • 2 bedroom lights
  • 2 Downstairs lights
  • 1 Street light
  • 1 Door bell
  • 1 Light sensor on street light
  • 1 proximity sensor on front door - burglar alarm
  • A good potential for programming in response to various inputs (feedback)
Size: 550mm width x 350mm high


Details Price: S$109.50    Qty:
 Lift Control Model
 Code: 12162 

An excellent visual model requiring a reasonable level of programming skills to program

  • Lift can be made to go between 2 or 3 floors. The self assembly kit can be constructed with the additional floor to add a little more programming complexity
  • Includes 1 motor reversing output, 3 LED light indicators and input sensors on all floors
  • Comes as a self-assembly kit that can be constructed in a few minutes
  • Can be programmed to run using any control language
Size: 450mm tall x 300mm wide


Details Price: S$186.50    Qty:
 Pelican Crossing Control Model
 Code: 12165 

Realistic model of a scene that pupils will be familiar with

  • Consists of two sets of traffic lights with red, amber and green lights and red/green LEDs (to indicate walk/don't walk) and call buttons for pedestrians
  • Includes 10 outputs LED's, one crossing buzzer output and two input switches to halt the traffic light sequence
  • Comes as a self-assembly kit
Size: 290mm x 210mm


Details Price: S$136.50    Qty:
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