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Science >> Physics
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 Dynamo Torch
 Code: 20038 

Squeeze the lever in and out to create enough power to make the light bulb illuminate. The see-through design clearly shows the working components.


Details Price: S$14.50    Qty:
 Tornado Tube
 Code: 37029 

Create the effect of a Tornado safely inside a standard drinks bottle using this device. Fascinating and captivating. Consists of a plastic collet with a centre hole. Requires drinks bottles.


Details Price: S$8.50    Qty:
 Code: 48072 

Demonstrates very effectively how sunlight can be converted into energy. When light strikes the wings resting on the needle in the vacuum chamber, the black sides of the wings absorb more light than the white sides so the pressure on the black side is greater and the blades therefore turn. Comes complete with full explanatory notes. Great for explaining alternative forms of energy.


Details Price: S$32.00    Qty:
 Energy Beads
 Code: 48155 

Pack of 100 white beads that will turn into all the colours of the rainbow when taken outdoors and exposed to ultraviolet light. Take them indoors and they go white again. Great for checking the effect of sun cream or the effect of sunglasses.


Details Price: S$22.50    Qty:
 Understanding Pulleys set
 Code: 64623 

A pulley is a type of lever and can increase mechanical advantage and change the direction and speed of a wheel. This kit explains all, through simple experiments using the pulleys in the kit and water vessels that provide the force. The simplicity and neatness of the experiments will enthral and enlighten the user to the wonders of pulley power.

Kit components:

  • 10 pulley wheels
  • 10 pulley blocks
  • 10 pulley pins
  • 10 pulley spacers
  • 10 'S' hooks
  • 2 cup hooks
  • 1 length of nylon cord
  • 2 x 500ml bottles
  • Teacher's notes in a zip wallet


Details Price: S$28.50    Qty:
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