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Technology >> Electronics/Electrical Kits
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 Transistor Radio Kit
 Code: 23627 

A personal radio circuit, which uses a ZN414 IC to tune into AM radio stations. It comes with all necessary components, solder, full building instructions and earphones (does not have a speaker). A highly popular project and one that has great potential for packaging design. Purchase this as long as stocks last - the ZN414 is an IC that is no longer manufactured.


Details Price: S$24.50    Qty:
 Sound Effects Generator Kit
 Code: 23629 

Make this project and create various sounds such as a motorboat, a speedboat, water drops on a tin roof, etc. A simple, but effective circuit which uses two transistors, a capacitor and the sound coming out of a speaker. The pack comes with all of the required components, solder and full building instructions.


Details Price: S$15.50    Qty:
 Electronic Voice Changer Kit
 Code: 23630 

These electronic project packs provide all of the components required to build a variety of electronic projects and include the PCB, components and even include the solder. All you need is a soldering iron, small screwdriver, a pair of cutters and long nose pliers. The circuit diagram is provided, as are full building instructions. A project kit comprising components to transform and disguise your voice in simple steps. It can imitate any of the three major sound factors - VCO, VCF and VCA. Comes with all of the components, solder and full building instructions.

Requires one PP3 Battery (not included).


Details Price: S$27.50    Qty:
 Electronic Dice Kit
 Code: 23631 

A super little circuit with 6 LEDís that all come on in sequence until the button is pressed when they stop randomly. The circuit can be used as an alternative to a dice adding that little extra technological feel to the design. The circuit includes 2 ICís and a transistor. Comes with all of the components, solder and full building instructions.


Details Price: S$18.50    Qty:
 Electricity Kit
 Code: 30011 

Primary schools undertaking electrical exploration will find this an excellent resource for primary science and technology. The kit comes in a superb carry box containing over 100 items including motors, bulbs, buzzers, LEDs, batteries, battery holders, a selection of 6 types of switch, ready made leads, automatic wire strippers/cutters and electricians screwdrivers. In addition, this pack is fully supported with a teacher/pupil book that is photocopy free.


Details Price: S$136.50    Qty:
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