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Science >> Magnetism
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 Code: 50001 

Walnut sized natural magnetic iron ore.


Details Price: S$10.00    Qty:
 World's Simplest Motor
 Code: 50004 

Demonstrate the workings of a DC motor. Electricity runs through the coil of wire, and a magnetic field is formed. The coil pushes away from the ceramic magnet with enough force to turn it all the way around. As the coil turns around, it becomes charged again and gets another push. Simply wind the coil, fit the magnet and battery and away it goes.

Requires D size battery.


Details Price: S$18.00    Qty:
 Giant Horseshoe Magnet
 Code: 50019 

Giant Horseshoe magnet (175 x 210 x 25mm)


Details Price: S$25.00    Qty:
 Plastic Cased Magnets
 Code: 50028 

Ideal for demonstration of attraction and repulsion. These magnets will not lose their magnetism making them ideal for classroom use.

Size 10 x 80 x 20mm

Pack of 2


Details Price: S$10.00    Qty:
 Magnet Tube
 Code: 50066 

A three-dimensional model showing a magnetic field similar to that found around the earth. The kit consists of a strong, removable alnico magnet and sealed iron filings vessel.


Details Price: S$50.00    Qty:
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