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Technology >> Accessories
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 LogIT USB-Serial Cable
 Code: 12239 

Converts any model LogIT with a serial port so that it will work with a computer with USB port such as Apple or Windows PC with USB port.


Details Price: S$82.00    Qty:
 CoCo USB Control Interface
 Code: 12245 

Built from steel, the CoCo USB control box is sturdy and has all the features of previous interfaces plus two in-built sensors to add value for money.

CoCo 2 has been written to support this new USB Control Box. It also runs the earlier style Commotion Serial Control Boxes.

Control Interface Features:

  • 6 Digital outputs
  • 2 Additional motor outputs
  • 4 Digital inputs
  • 4 Analogue inputs
  • 2 permanent 'live' input sensors - Sound and Light
  • An external power supply providing 6V at up to 1.8A
  • USB connection
  • Compatible with 'Insight, Junior Insight and Flowol 2 (version 2.93 only)


Details Price: S$487.20    Qty:
 Explorer - Sensor Extension Lead
 Code: 12464 

LogIT Sensor extention lead.
Length: 1 metre.


Details Price: S$15.00    Qty:
 Code: 13325 

The DigiMemo is a standalone device with storage capabilities that digitally captures and stores everything you would write or draw on paper, without the use of computers or special paper.

Utilizing the electromagnetic technology, it allows you to affix any ordinary A5-size papers or notepad on the digital pad and write with ink. Without changing the way you work, it writes as well as a ballpoint pen on ordinary paper, but also digitally records your notes, ideas, drawings, sketches and flowcharts in the padís flash memory or optional CF card in real time.


Details Price: S$325.00    Qty:
 Explorer Sensor Blanking Plugs
 Code: 23658 

The LogIT Explorer has three built-in sensors which remain "active" unless blocked off using these blanking plugs.

The blanking plugs are not essential to the Explorerís usability - just that if the teacher prefers to exclude data from 1 or 2 of the built-in sensors, these blanking plugs prevent the sensors from performing their designated functions.

It is recommended that when working with younger children 8 - 11, these blanking plugs are used. This helps focus young children on one specific data-logging function at a time.

When children are more familiar with the nature of data logging they can be encouraged to track different features simultaneously (temperature and light, for example) to see if (and where) there are relationships between two or more physical phenomena. EG: as the sensor gets closer to a light bulb, it registers a higher light intensity AND a higher temperature.


Details Price: S$3.50    Qty:
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