Creative lessons schedule for May/June school holidays is ready for download. Please see NEWS for more info.

During this May/June school holidays, do you wish that your kids can enhance their creativity by attending creative lessons which will help them achieve better results in their school work and be useful for their future? NeuroFlash's Creative Cultivation Laboratory has planned a full programme of creative workshops, learning courses and special programmes for your children. Please click here to download the schedule we have planned for your kids..


NeuroFlash Private Limited's own product, the Fuel Cell Exploratory Kit is available now. For more information please click on the ANNOUNCEMENT link. If you wish to purchase a set, please go to the shopping cart by clicking on the PRODUCTS link.


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Consultancy Services

We provide consultation services in the areas of automation, robotics and fuel cells.

Currently, we have fuel cell consultancy projects with a few integrated program schools and junior colleges as well as polytechnics.


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